How it works

What is Bidigniter?

How is Bidigniter different from a Google search?

How is Bidigniter different than Yelp, CitySearch, and AngiesList?

How is Bidigniter different than Craigslist

How does Bidigniter work?

Can I search for specific service providers

What cities is Bidigniter Available in?

How many service providers are available on Bidigniter?

How do I register for Bidigniter?

What if I forget my password?

Can I receive alerts about my request?

How do I turn off text messages?

Why do you need my phone number?

Will my phone number and address be public?

How do I manage my account or make changes?

Can I delete my account?


Requesting Services

I have a local service need. How do I request a service?

What kinds of automotive services can I request on BidIgniter

Does BidIgniter charge to request services

Do I need to register to use BidIgniter

How do I add information or photos about my job after I've submitted the request

Is my information private?

How are Bidigniter partners matched up to my request?

What is the best way to get multiple price quotes?

Do I have to attach a photo to my request?

What if Bidigniter partners have questions about my job

Can I extend the auction period later

How do I accept a quote?

How long do I have to review price quotes after the auction ends?

How do I answer questions from service providers?

Can I meet with providers before I decide which quote to accept?

Can I ask Bidigniter Partners questions about their price quotes?

If I don't like any of the quotes I received, can I get more?

Can I see service providers' schedules online?

Can I negotiate prices with service providers?

Does BidIgniter guarantee the quality of work?

Reviewing Price Quotes

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